Is Fuckbook Legit? In-Depth Look at the Trending Dating Site

Is Fuckbook legit? Let’s find out. Below, we take a look at the site’s safety, what the users think of it, profile quality, and personal hints about scams. We’re going to help you know if you should consider investing time and money into Fuckbook. Source:

Key Highlights:

Fuckbook is densely steeped in sexual content, targeted at those looking for hookups, but has a few technical malfunctions, such as the vague message notification.

The site is majorly gender-imbalanced, with more than 60% of its users being males, and most of the profiles contain sexual content. Additionally, the authenticity of some profiles is questionable.

The dating website has various features and special tools to communicate with each other, some of which are available only to premium members. With the available fake profiles and automated messages, the platform is exposed to security risks.

First Feelings about Fuckbook

With Fuckbook, the highly sexualized nature of the service hits your face right after signing in. First of all, the very first page of it contains shots of naked bodies, porno graphene information; it all sets a tone for what a user can expect from this — dating website? Such bold presentation may attract people who are really looking for explicitly adult content but will be offensive for those who are interested in a bit more reserved way of dating.

While several users have raised some functionality issues about a pretty contemporary design, few of these issues come forth. For instance, it may not always be evident when someone has replied to one of your messages, which can be irritating. This lack of intuitive design might hinder the user experience, especially for people who try online dating for the first time.

After all, feedback about the platform isn’t exactly negative. This is a site most users appreciate for no-strings-attached, casual sex and hookups. Known as a hookup site, having a free account option in which one can view and like content, much like other social media, does make the website rather accessible to new users, allowing them to dip their toes in the water, so to speak.

Yet, people still have doubts about whether the site will perform well in organizing a real date or get laid. Of course, the look and feel of Fuckbook are impressive at the first glance. But can it live up to the service’s expectations and make this hookup site perfection?

Demographics of Membership

The majority of Fuckbook’s users are male, representing over 60% of its members. This gender imbalance could influence the experience for male users, who might find themselves competing for the attention of the relatively fewer female members. For women, though, this could translate to a wider selection and more attention.

Most of its members are found in the United States, so it can suit those looking for local casual dates. The site has around 30000 active members every week, and that means the user base is relatively active with its service. In a way, such activity could be a good thing and prove that members log in frequently and look for someone to be acquainted with.

Membership age varies widely, from 18 upwards to provide the party with a room full of adults across the age distribution. So, whether you are a young adult or a more mature one, Fuckbook has a varied demographic that can cater to different preferences.

Profile Quality of Fuckbook

Profile Quality: It is all about sexual content on Fuckbook. Many members of the website show the various information linked to their sexual experience, fetishes, and kinks, often with the help of explicit photos and videos. This features the site’s emphasis on casual sex and hookups but might turn off people looking for something more meaningful.

This raises one big concern: the credibility of some of the profile pictures. From images off OnlyFans to other porn celebrities, some users have allegedly said that they cannot be sure about some of the profiles. This can truthfully be all the more distressing for those who have serious business whenever they search for a real connection.

What is more, lack of personal information in many profiles can even serve as a drawback. Of course, a person can indicate information about appearance, lifestyle, and interests, but usually, the sexual content prevails. This can be really important for people who want to know more about a potential match, so it can be a big drawback whenever there are too few people who provide such information.

Communication Features

The communication features of Fuckbook afford a full assortment of instruments from private messaging to virtual gifting and sharing private photos in mobile and desktop versions. Through all these features, one has the ability to have a live interaction and share personal content, therefore making this an enhanced experience.

Although useful in breaking the ice, a feature within the site that sends out automated messages or friend requests for users has raised some controversy. These auto-messages are intended to get the ball rolling in conversations, but they often sound robotic and are proven to lead users into buying a subscription. It’s worth mentioning that users can opt out if they seek more genuine encounters.

Other ways to demonstrate interest or appreciation are through virtual gifts that give a creative and playful dimension to the interaction process. Virtual activities and gifts, on the other hand, are not available with every communicate option, and some can only be accessed with premium membership, which further confines free members since they are able to get messages but unable to read them before upgrading the service.

Even with these vast features, however, the effectiveness of communication within Fuckbook can be spotty. While the tools are in place, the impersonal nature of some interactions, coupled with the paywall for premium features, will ultimately detract from that experience.

Special Features

Fuckbook Special FeaturesWhen it comes to special features, Fuckbook has quite a few to boost user participation and fun. There are Pinboards, Blog Section, and a Matches system, each providing a different way to interact with others or let the site know more about you.


Pinboards, a feature that allows users to associate their posts by pinning them on boards, may sound very much like Pinterest. This is really in regard to keeping content organized and filtered for easy access and sharing. Users can create multiple pinboards to reflect different interests or themes.

In addition, there is the potential of making separate pinboards either private or public. This means that users would have an influence on who should be able to see their content. This adds another element of personalization, setting boundaries of or for privacy, letting users decide how to engage with others in the community.

Blog Section

Fuckbook Blog Section—this creates a space that allows users to express their personal thoughts and fantasies. This platform gives its users the initiative to express themselves in whatever way they feel like writing about their sexual fantasies; invitations to meet up; or even personal musings.

It makes it possible to connect with other people who have common interests, and from shared fetishes, hence building a good community and working towards furthering commitment. This is an essential tool to get if one is serious about going beyond the stage of staring at photos and into having some meaningful interactions.


Profile info on Fuckbook works with the following in determining matches made out of:






It, therefore, makes it possible for the seeker to get potential matches that fall into their preferences basing on their standards.

User activity and interaction on the site also play a role in generating matches. This sophisticated matching system is built to provide users with suitable, compatible matches, thus increasing their chances of successful communication.

Fake Profiles and Scam Alerts

The main problem with Fuckbook is the existence of fake profiles and scams. Most of the profiles contain over 1000 contacts. Their seriousness and authenticity are therefore in doubt. Furthermore, many of its users have reported unauthorized charges and the automatic profile generation, which gives one doubts about the website’s legitimacy.

Photos that are old and posts that are really old don’t help to assuage these fears. Some people go as far as using photos from OnlyFans and porn celebrities if you look them up through reverse image search. This opens up room for far too many serious questions regarding profile authenticity, making it increasingly harder to trust the platform.

Another red flag would be machine-generated messages. According to most users, the messages they receive are not from real people but from machines set to make them attach to the offers they want to make. This impersonal approach really turns off a lot of people from the site in search of real connections and reassures that it is not a scam.

Reacting to these concerns, Fuckbook says they don’t create fake ‘bot’ profiles and admit that there is automated introductory messaging in place. Users are encouraged to report the fake profiles to support or use the report flag on the profile page. The effectiveness of these approaches becomes a subject of debate for users.

Customer support is one of the most divided sections when it comes to reviews about Fuckbook. Trustpilot gives it a rating of 2.2 out of 5, which largely shows poor user satisfaction. A lot of users have slammed the support team as ineffective and generic in their responses.

Many though felt that their experiences with the support team were pleasant; some mentioned the team was patient and solved that problem really fast. For instance, one person had their subscription canceled without extra costs, which in their opinion was a positive case. It means that the support service can be active and responsive in some situations.

However, some users claim that the following problems occurred:

A lot of time for responding

Issues were never resolved

No response from the customer support

The problem of subscription cancelation.

One of them said that customer service never answered his request for clarification about problems with periods that have gone on for more than a month. One was unable to cancel a subscription and indicated a total lack of response from customer service.

It is from such mixed experiences of inconsistencies in customer support services that vary between excellent and downright poor, and this factor can significantly change the overall experience of using Fuckbook, much as it is the case with many other mature dating sites.

Pricing and Membership Options

Fuckbook offers free or paid membership under this platform. Benefits of blocks or features include free chat, basic matches, status posts, customizable searches, and filters of recent visitors on your profile.

The premium membership subscription allows access to advanced communication tools, increased visibility of a user’s profile, and many other benefits. Premium member subscription is billed in packages of 1 month, 3 months, 12 months, or lifetime. There is a discount for the bigger commitment, so packages of 3 months, 12 months, and lifetime are available.

Please note that premium memberships will automatically renew, unless cancellation is done prior to the end of the subscription term. Upgrading from a free to premium member is made easy since users will just have to log in and then click on the subscription link available from the menu bar.

Safety and Privacy Features

As any online dating website will tell you, Fuckbook takes issues of safety and privacy very seriously. There is a posted privacy policy on the website that explains how, what, and when user information is collected and used. This would include when someone signs up with them, creates a profile, or engages in sharing media.

Fuckbook ensures the compliance of the confidentiality and integrity of personal data by adopting technological and organizational measures. They employ cookies to store users’ preferences and session information, which help them to recognize users subsequently. The website further collects information regarding IP addresses and browser types for compliance purposes and to safeguard against abuses.

The rights pertaining to personal data held by all users are as follows:

Right to rectify personal data

Right to erasure of personal data

Request restrictions in the processing of their personal data

Withdraw consent for data processing

The alternative: takes it upon itself to ensure these changes are implemented to provide a more secure online environment. Yet, there are still some doubts whether the platform manages the user data in a careful manner.

Alternatives to Fuckbook

There are other dating sites that cater to different people’s dating needs and preferences, just like this one, the Fuckbook alternatives. eHarmony is a site that focuses on long-term relationships; it has compatibility tests and discussion forums. Match is another more established dating site that can help pairs find a romantic partner.

Tinder is a very speedy way of matching; swipe left and swipe right is the feature that is popularly known among people. Ashley Madison offers a service for people in relationships looking for side adult communication. In this very case, women can email for free. and BeNaughty offer casual dating experiences at their adult dating site with winks and roulette-style searches one may use to find potential matches.

It has its share of options ranging from serious relationships to casual encounters on hookup sites, thus availing a multitude of choices dependent on what dating goals one would want to have with various dating services and dating sites.

How to Cancel Your Fuckbook Account

While canceling the Fuckbook account is easy, it requires people to delve right back into the eyes of the support team. They are required to submit their subscription ID, which is issued in the email sent by the payment processor at the time of subscription. This important step is to make sure that the cancellation request is dealt with properly and without a hassle.

Upon providing a subscription ID, users can cancel it by contacting Fuckbook support. When a user contacts Fuckbook support for account cancellation, the support responds for a resolution within 24 hours.


Fuckbook is, in sum: a highly sexualized platform, with a good number of features going in line with casual sex dates and hookup purposes. Although the website operates right-as-rain and boasts the bundle of a couple of helpful interactive tools, face profiles and impersonal talk, combined with inconsistently low-quality customer support, should be noted. This crcasts the membership demographics: men have the lion’s share; geographically, they are mainly from the United States, with activity truly remaining high.

Apart from that, Fuckbook includes several distinct features—such as Pinboards, a Blog Section, and a dynamic Matching system—that make quite a good experience interacting with other users. Where the platform stumbles, however, is in the sheer volume of fake identities and machine-generated messages, which puts off too many users in a big way.

Ultimately, what determines whether Fuckbook is the right dating site for you entirely depends on what you are looking for on and from this website. You might find it worthwhile if you’re in search of explicit content or some casual activity. However, if you’re out to find a true connection and safe customer relations support, you might have to look elsewhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fuckbook a legitimate dating site?

Yes, Fuckbook is a real dating site. However, fake profiles and machine-generated messages drag down the legitimate connections.

What are the main features available on Fuckbook?

Fuckbook offers private messaging, virtual gifts, Pin boards, a Blog Section, and a system of Matches for its users. This way, it has been made easy to attain connections and interact with others.

How do I cancel my Fuckbook account?

You can cancel your Fuckbook account by contacting the support team and telling them your subscription ID from the confirmation email. Making sure your account is truly canceled is the most foolproof method.

Is there anything on Fuckbook I can do for free?

Yes, Fuckbook offers a free level of membership that includes having access to basic features, but advanced communication instruments are available in a premium package of membership.

What are some sites like Fuckbook?

Other Fuckbook services that you might try include eHarmony, Match, Tinder, Ashley Madison,, and BeNaughty. These accommodate a diversity of hungry dating preferences and needs.

Chris Slade’s Stories On Sex, Drugs, and Rock n’ Roll

If you want to know what the life of a rock star is really like, Chris Slade has got you covered. He tells stories about his wild adventures from years ago with his band AC/DC. These are some of the best stories I’ve ever read on sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll.

He’s not just an excellent storyteller; he also writes as if he’s been there himself, which gives each story more authenticity than most others. For example: “I’m sitting in the backseat of a limo next to my brother Angus, when suddenly a huge cockroach crawls over me and down his arm.” It doesn’t get any better than that!

This guy knows how to tell a great story and keeps his readers hooked for hours at a time. If you’re looking for something new and fresh, definitely check out his stuff. He’s one of the best authors on here.

While many of us might turn to hookup sites to find local women, it’s a whole different world for rockstars. They have all the benefits of meeting someone while still maintaining their privacy—and they don’t even need to leave their hotel room!

Hollywood has taught us that rock stars are always having affairs, but these guys must be doing things differently because most of them seem to stay faithful to their significant other. However, there are exceptions, and this book explores those tales.

I’ve read some celebrity memoirs where I never felt like I could relate to the author, but this was different. There are several chapters on famous people who had affairs, so you can read about your favorite rockstar without having to worry about being too embarrassed.

There are stories about Lindsey Buckingham, Ronnie Wood, and Brian May as well as plenty more. Each chapter is short, so it’s easy to read in a day or two. This would be perfect for anyone who likes reading gossipy stuff.

The stories are mostly told from the perspective of the women involved. If you’re interested in knowing what goes through the mind of a woman during her first big affair, this is definitely worth checking out.

How to meet mature women for sex as a younger guy

While most people want to date or have local sex with someone who’s around their own age, there are plenty of younger guys for prefer older women. It might seem impossible to find a man over the age of 50 that wants to hookup with you. But it is possible, and here’s how:

Don’t be afraid of online dating sites.

This is probably the best way to meet older women if you’re a younger guy. While you may have some luck adjusting your age range on Tinder, you’ll probably want to sign up for a site like Mature Sex Dates, where you’ll find a matures for sex section. You can even filter these results based on body type and location so that you only see people close by, which will make things easier!

Go out into public.

]You don’t need to be shy about meeting older women in person. If you go out to places where they tend to gather, you’re likely to run into one sooner or later. Start by checking out events at local bars or coffee shops. Then, head to more specific locations like malls, grocery stores, and gyms. Of course, make sure you look presentable before heading out. No one wants to talk to a slob!

Join groups that cater to your interests.

If you have an interest in something that older women also enjoy, join a group that caters to it! For example, if you love playing tennis, join a club that does so as well. Or if you’ve always wanted to learn how to paint, find a class that teaches it. Again, this will help you meet older women who share your passion for whatever activity you joined. A good place to start is

Take up new hobbies.

This can be another great way to meet older women while doing something you already enjoy. Consider taking up a new hobby like woodworking or pottery classes. This will allow you to meet older women who share your interest while getting to know them better.

Put yourself out there.

Finally, put yourself out there. Don’t sit back and wait for older women to come to you. Get out there and reach out! You never know, she might actually be interested in you. Older women are often lonely, especially after their spouses pass away. They just want someone nice and sweet to spend time with.

Ready to start hooking up with older women?

And now that you know where to find older women, it’s time to start hooking up! There are tons of older women looking to hookup online right now. And since we’re talking about mature sex dates here, you can rest assured that all of these ladies are experienced and will satisfy you in bed. So what are you waiting for? Follow these tips and get started today!



Ah, selfies. The phenomenon that made us really care about Instagram, phones having more than one camera, and advice from Kim Kardashian.

In an era where technology is developing at such a remarkable pace and we all walk around with access to a theoretically infinite library, it’s nice to know that a significant portion of the technological wonder-wielding masses devotes actual battery life and cellular data to taking and viewing selfies. The Oxford Dictionary actually named “selfie” the word of 2013. Think about that.

While seemingly innocuous, you may be surprised to know that our cultural obsession with pictures of ourselves carries with it some truly terrible implications – just kidding. It should be obvious and not at all surprising how bad the selfie phenomenon is, at least ever since there was a serious market – and later, a legal blowback – around a product that called itself a “selfie stick.” Come on.

So what’s so bad about selfies? Simply put, they are messing with our heads. Or at least getting plastic surgeons to mess with our heads, er, faces; according to a recent survey, 1 in 3 surgeons reported increases in plastic surgery requests for the sole purpose of looking better on social media. Selfies are fueling our tendency towards vanity so much that people are actually willing to go under the knife to fix minor imperfections that are, of course, more noticeable as front-facing phone cameras increase in megapixels.

Unnecessarily drastic physical alterations aside, selfies are also contributing to – or at least reflecting – some very real occurrences of mental illness. To the shock of absolutely no one, those people who just flood social media with pictures of themselves frequently express symptoms of narcissism and obsessive-compulsive disorder – leading to some severe cases of dysfunctional behavior, like one aspiring model who eventually began cutting classes and refusing to leave his home in pursuit of the perfect selfie, taking up to 200 selfies a day. Psychologists all over have noted an increase in body dysmorphia since the rise of social media and the popularity of selfies.

Further studies suggest that a proclivity towards selfies could also result in problems in relationships. While these selfie-posting addicts often actually had a very positive body self-image, they tended to report conflicts with partners and spouses, mostly over attention from online followers over pictures, which is a frankly ridiculous conflict to have in a relationship.

When selfies first became popular, it was a different story. The selfie was typically accompanied by an interesting background – “Look ma, I’m at the Eiffel Tower, and I didn’t feel the need to bug someone to take a picture for me!” – but as the experience sharing element subsided and vanity and narcissism took its place, selfies became indicative of a serious issue in our self-obsessed society.

How to Make Casual Sex Work

How to Make Casual Sex Work

Sometimes a little fun with no pressure is harmless. However, when one of you catches feelings, that’s when sh*t hits the fan.

Casual sex is not for everyone. But if you’ve got the itch especially bad at a certain point in time, and you feel it’s necessary to scratch it … well, then, you might want to heed my advice.

Pick your standards.

First ask yourself, what are you looking for? It is always a good idea to not set the bar high, especially if it is just a hookup. If you have sexual fantasies about a guy that person would be a good candidate for a casual sex partner. He himself will be a constant reminder about why the relationship could never work out. The minute he opens his mouth, the reason will be clear.

Respect your Boundaries.

If you head out to the bar and you spot the one you are going to hook up with for the night, and then later on you decide, no I’m not down anymore- listen to yourself on that one. Remember girls, it’s always OK to say no. In casual sex, you have control of basically everything, so take advantage of this.

Know what you are after.

If what you want is casual sex, remember that you are looking for casual sex. Remember, casual sex is physical pleasure without emotional baggage. That’s your goal. Not the romantic type of relationship that everyone rolls their eyes at. Casual sex and relationship sex are two different types that mean two totally opposite things.

Avoid involving friends.

Have many friends in common? Avoid casual sex with this person. You’ll end up spending a lot of time washing dirty linen in public if the cat gets out of the bag. Worse, if you have a frenemy, you could easily be the next topic for spicy gossip at the next pregame.

Dont put up with BS.

The keyword in casual sex is casual. There should be no baggage, emotions, feelings etc. But, just because you’re only having casual sex, that doesn’t mean the dude can treat you badly. He should arrive when he says he’s going to; he should respond in no longer than three minutes to your texts, etc. Dont forget that he is benefiting from having no-strings-attached sex with you also.  Or, if your looking to get started with sex dating then head over to – the world’s #1 casual sex app.

6 Things to try When Dating

6 Things to try When Dating

Welcome to the world of dating. It is a weird and confusing place, but also is an exciting time in your life. You’ll meet folks from all walks of life and always get a little more than you bargained for. The first stage of a relationship when people start dating is definitely the most important time of the relationship.

Following the advice below will guarantee you a happier and longer relationship.

Tip #1

You should always be modest. If you marry this person, you’ll have a lifetime of nakedness, flirting, mooning, and maybe some inappropriate flashing. But don’t give up all of this fun while you’re dating. Keep your first few years of marriage awesome. And naked. What is that saying again? You only live once.

Tip #2

Compliment each other. Who does not like to be told they are pretty or cute? This holds true for women, too, who should tell their date that they look handsome and that their hair looks sexy. What makes us incredible beings is our ability to uplift others with only a few words. What is attractive to your date beyond any physical beauty you may possess is the beauty of your soul. Remember, beauty is on the inside as well.

Tip #3

Respect the natural progression of intimacy. It is easy to feel rushed or pressured into a relationship or to say “I love you.” Telling someone new how much you really, really like them adds a lot of depth to the relationship. Instead, gradually reveal your inner thoughts, feelings, and personal story starting with light and casual then progressing to a deeper and more intimate feel.

Tip #4

Try not to focus on money. Men especially tend to be cautious of women who spend a lot of money and expect to be treated like princesses. If you go on a date, always offer to foot the bill or split it. If you cannot afford the expensive outings, find cheaper ones that will enable you to have a good time too. Remember, the fun can be cheap as well, it does not always mean a $1,000 shopping spree or a sushi dinner.

Tip #5

Take your time and enjoy the moment. Everything you need to learn in order to make the “can I marry this person” decision occurs within one year. Sure, you will not know everything about them, but you’ll know enough. Date a year. Not four. Don’t make excuses. You will know when you are ready.


Do not be a complainer. “I’m hot.” “I’m bored.” “I’m hungry.” Yeah, that is going to get old really fast. Nothing is a bigger turn off to a man or a woman than a chronic complainer. Be conscious of how your date describes the circumstances of their life: do they see their glass as half empty or half full?

People are complex, to say the least. Use these six tips to take the confusion out of dating casually and finally attract an amazing person into your life.



Chris Slade, born October 30, 1946, in Pontypridd, Wales, is a rock drummer who has enjoyed a long and varied career.  His musical journey can be traced back to 1963; Chris came from the same area as fellow Welshmen Tom Jones and played the drums in the singer’s backing band, The Squires, for seven years. His first real success came in 1965 when he played on Tom’s hit single ‘It’s Not Unusual. Chris subsequently toured with Tom Jones before quitting in 1969 to join a group called “Toomorrow” whose vocal attraction was an Australian blonde called Olivia Newton-John.

Returning to session work, Chris recorded albums with Tony Hazzard and Tom Paxton in 1971, before becoming a founding member of  Manfred Mann’s Earth Band in March of 1972. He was to spend six years with the band, recording eight albums and achieving three UK Top Ten singles in the process: ‘Joybringer’ (No. 9, October 1973), ‘Blinded By The Light’ (No. 6, September 1976) and ‘Davy’s On The Road Again’ (No.6, June 1978).  Chris, along with some other former Earth Band members, also headed up a short-lived off-shoot of the band that Chris had named “Terra Nova” in 1978, producing one recording and a few live shows.

An Earth Band without Chris Slade would be like a bird without wings” – BARRY WINTON

After the Earth Band era, Chris recorded two albums in 1979, first with Frankie Miller, and next with Kai Olsson, before joining Uriah Heep in time to play on their ‘Conquest’ album in 1980. After that, Chris Slade teamed up with Gary Numan, Bad Company guitarist Mick Ralphs in the Mick Ralphs Band – the same line-up also toured as the backup band for Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour. After the close of that tour, he teamed up with Jimmy PagePaul Rodgers and bassist Tony Franklin to form “The Firm” at the end of 1984. The Firm didn’t quite live up to the enormous reputations of its individual members, although they did produce two excellent albums for Atlantic in 1985 and 1986 that gave them a few radio hits including “Radioactive” and “Satisfaction Guaranteed.”

The all-important drum seat was filled by Chris Slade of Manfred Mann’s Earth band and Tom Jones’ fame. But Jimmy (Page) had to wait until Chris came off the road from the Dave Gilmour tour. Jimmy didn’t mind, Chris was a monster drummer and well worth the wait..” – TONY FRANKLIN

Then Chris joined up with Gary Moore on a temporary basis, taking over from Cozy Powell just four days before the start of the 1989 ‘After The War’ tour. It was at one of Gary Moore’s gigs in Los Angeles that Malcolm Young saw Chris Slade play. After the tour, it was Chris’s intention to put together a band with ex-Aerosmith guitarist Rick Dufay. But the call from AC/DC scuppered those plans as he was destined to tour and record with them over the course of the next five years, playing on their acclaimed “Razors Edge” Album, and giving a killer performance on their concert DVD “Live from Donington”.

Slade was the best musician in AC/DC.” – ANGUS YOUNG

After his stint with AC/DC Chris joined up with 80’s prog-rock band “Asia“, who (even with the many personnel changes over the years) had still been managing to churn out some excellent music. Chris recorded with them on their 2000-2004 studio recordings, “Aura” and “Silent Nation“, and put forth his “trademark” energy-filled live performances on all the subsequent tours that ensued .

We would just like to add that we wish Chris all the best and he will always remain a friend of Asia.” – GEOFF DOWNES

Now, having parted ways with “Asia” in 2005 to pursue other musical ventures, and his new line of personalized “Drums” and “Drum Jewelry”, Chris is currently rehearsing for a new album with the English power trio

“Damage Control” featuring Pete Way of “UFO” and Robin George.



May 1965
Jan. 1966
Aug. 1966
Mar. 1967
June 1967
Nov. 1967
July 1968






Feb. 1980

Feb. 1985



To Be Released

“Along Came Jones”
“A-Tom-ic Jones”
“From The Heart”
“Green, Green Grass of Home”
“Live: at the Talk of the Town”
“13 Smash Hits”


“How Come The Sun”

“Manfred Mann’s Earth Band”
“Glorified Magnified”
“Solar Fire”
“The Good Earth”
“Nightingales and Bombers”
“The Roaring Silence”

Terra Nova

“Crazy Love”

“Falling In Love”


“The Firm”
“Mean Business”

“The Razors Edge”
“Live: At Donington” VHS/DVD
“Big Guns”
“Last Action Hero” Soundtrack

“Silent Nation”


Tom Jones
Tom Jones
Tom Jones
Tom Jones
Tom Jones
Tom Jones
Tom Jones

Olivia Newton-John

Tom Paxton

Manfred Mann
Manfred Mann
Manfred Mann
Manfred Mann
Manfred Mann
Manfred Mann
Manfred Mann
Manfred Mann

Terra Nova

Kai Olsson

Frankie Miller

Uriah Heep

The Firm
The Firm



Damage Control