How to Make Casual Sex Work

How to Make Casual Sex Work

Sometimes a little fun with no pressure is harmless. However, when one of you catches feelings, that’s when sh*t hits the fan.

Casual sex is not for everyone. But if you’ve got the itch especially bad at a certain point in time, and you feel it’s necessary to scratch it … well, then, you might want to heed my advice.

Pick your standards.

First ask yourself, what are you looking for? It is always a good idea to not set the bar high, especially if it is just a hookup. If you have sexual fantasies about a guy that person would be a good candidate for a casual sex partner. He himself will be a constant reminder about why the relationship could never work out. The minute he opens his mouth, the reason will be clear.

Respect your Boundaries.

If you head out to the bar and you spot the one you are going to hook up with for the night, and then later on you decide, no I’m not down anymore- listen to yourself on that one. Remember girls, it’s always OK to say no. In casual sex, you have control of basically everything, so take advantage of this.

Know what you are after.

If what you want is casual sex, remember that you are looking for casual sex. Remember, casual sex is physical pleasure without emotional baggage. That’s your goal. Not the romantic type of relationship that everyone rolls their eyes at. Casual sex and relationship sex are two different types that mean two totally opposite things.

Avoid involving friends.

Have many friends in common? Avoid casual sex with this person. You’ll end up spending a lot of time washing dirty linen in public if the cat gets out of the bag. Worse, if you have a frenemy, you could easily be the next topic for spicy gossip at the next pregame.

Dont put up with BS.

The keyword in casual sex is casual. There should be no baggage, emotions, feelings etc. But, just because you’re only having casual sex, that doesn’t mean the dude can treat you badly. He should arrive when he says he’s going to; he should respond in no longer than three minutes to your texts, etc. Dont forget that he is benefiting from having no-strings-attached sex with you also.  Or, if your looking to get started with sex dating then head over to – the world’s #1 casual sex app.